Member Benefits

Are You a Chamber Member?

If Not– Here are some of the reasons why you should join the V.A.C.C.

Do you think a business-friendly government and atmosphere just happen? The Venice Area Chamber of Commerce is active in promoting business and its objectives to local, state, and national decision makers. As a business person, you need to get involved, obtain knowledge and give support of those efforts.

It’s good for your business.
Many people check with the Chamber before buying any service or product. Are they a member? Who would the Chamber suggest?

Great advertising opportunities

  • Official Tourist and Relocation Center:
  • The VACC is the front door to the community. VACC markets the area exclusively. We are the only entity to send out area information for visitors and relocations.
  • Annually, 22,000 people visit the Chamber. Members are encouraged to place their brochures and business cards in our Visitor Information Center to be picked up by these potential clients/customers.
  • The Chamber produces 12,000 Membership Directories & Visitors Guides annually which are mailed to phone and email visitor inquiries, as well as given to locals and residents who come into the Chamber seeking area information. As a VACC member, you receive TWO FREE LISTINGS in the Membership Directory!
  • Banner Advertising on the VACC Webite
  • Tabletops at Business After Fives
  • Guidebook and directory listings (circulation: 12,000)
  • Lighted Lobby Display
  • Member to Member Rewards
  • Consumer Expo
  • Continuous Sponsorship


  • Wake Up! Venice
  • Business After Five
  • Venice Area Young Professional Events
  • Committees
  • Networking luncheons

If you have any questions or if you would like to join, please contact the Chamber at 941-488-2236


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