Venice ranks No. 2 in state on Best Cities to Retire

Published Thursday, June 1, 2017
by Lorraine Anderson - City of Venice

The City of Venice has been ranked No. 2 in Florida and No. 14 nationwide among the Best Cities for Seniors to Retire, according to consumer research website GoodCall analysts aimed to take into account a wide variety of metrics that would make a city great for retirement, according to the website. Some retire-ment-focused metrics included migration rates for residents age 65 and older, health-care costs, weather, and restaurants and amenities. Venice, a city of about 22,000 people, has a 56.80% population age 65+, 19.7 crime rate per 1,000 people, 6.34 health-care facilities per 1,000 people, and 77.1% sunny days, according to the site’s research.


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