Chalk Festival Comes to Venice Airport

Published Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Featured events include the Pavement Music Festival, Young and Young at Heart interactive, Poetry, Magic and more!! The festival will have MORE new pavement so visitors will be afforded more space to view the artwork and no more walking on the grass to see it! We are working to include hot air balloons and other ways to get to see the art from a different perspective. More tents, resting areas, beverage stations, entertainment and amenities - a 10-year anniversary unlike any other!! 

The Chalk Festival is a performance art event. As a visitor you are not a passive participant but an essential part of the artists creative process. You get the chance to see behind the scenes while artists perform using chalk as their medium and the road surface as their canvas creating oversized fine art masterpieces and 3D interactive illusions. By attending and bearing witness to the creative process, you are humanizing the artwork, the artist and the fine art experience. Together we all create a "Museum in Motion."  To learn more about the Chalk Festival, click here!

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