Your logo is the visual symbol of your brand. Successful logo designs help your customers identify your products and services.

Logo design is the process of synthesizing ideas you convey to your designer about your business in order for her/him to come back with an effective visual representation of those concepts.

These 10 simple tips can help you on your way to creating an effective logo for your brand.

  • Is it simple?

  • Is it readable?

  • Is it legible in all sizes from being used as small as a pen giveaway to a billboard?

  • Is it adaptable to all graphic media?

  • Is it meaningful and reflect your business or organization?

  • Is it distinctive and unique and differentiate you from your competitors?

  • Is it memorable, stimulate recall and facilitate recognition?

  • Is it attention-getting and stand out from your competitors?

  • Is it communicating your business personality with the color?

  • Will it work visually in black and white as well as color?

Keep in mind, brands are built on more than logos. Every contact with your customer contributes to creating your brand. An effective logo will start you on your way to building a strong brand.

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 – Cathy Cotter, Cotter Visual Communications

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