Have you wondered why consumers wait for hours at an Apple Store to be first to buy their newest product? Apple’s “why message” provides the reason before the features/benefits. Steve Jobs inspired others and changed behaviors by tapping into their passions and beliefs. The result-a sustainable, successful business with strong brand loyalty.  

Here’s a simple exercise to help you plug into your “why”. 

1.  Draw 3 circles on a note pad. Make sure all 3 circles overlap with each other.

2.  In each circle, put one of your passions. Make sure one has a “who” to it.

3.  Think about the life experiences behind the 3 you selected.

The intersection of the 3 circles is your “why”. Is this the reason your business exists? Does it keep you anchored in challenging times?


For example, I’m a SCORE volunteer because I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed, continuously learning and collaborating with others to grow a thriving small business ecosystem.


Do you lead with a clear “why”  that inspires others and builds trust? If what you came up with is different than what you’re doing now – reflect and adjust.


To learn more, check out opens in a new windowSimon Sinek’s TEDx talk. 

– Pat Loftus, SCORE, Chapter Executive Committee

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