Andy Grove, the late founder and CEO of Intel wrote a book whose title will be forever remembered in business, Only the Paranoid Survive. He warned executives to always be on the lookout for destructive forces impacting their business. He challenged executives to exploit these forces as opposed to being overcome by them.

But what about the normal everyday functions of a company? Shouldn’t executives be paranoid about streamlining them? I am not talking about savings on phone bills or office supplies. I’m taking about shaving substantial costs off marketing, sales, operations, customer relations, accounting, human resources and information technology departments.

Small company CEOs today are leveraging digital content strategies to establish lead generation and nurturing workflows that drive their sales funnel and institute a predicable sales process. At the same time, they are significantly reducing sales and marketing costs!

SCORE Manasota is releasing a series of blog posts that address 10 Areas Where CEOs Can Create Efficiencies with digital strategies.   Check them out! SCORE also facilitates the CEO Roundtables for the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce

Worry about destructive revolutionary trends, but more about evolutionary improvements that you are not bringing on a daily basis to your ongoing operations.

– Nabil Freij, Certified SCORE Mentor, SCORE Manasota

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