Have you ever had the opportunity to speak in front of a large group? Like most of us, you probably get nervous. This is normal. Speaking about how you help others can effectively help grow your business.

Here are a few valuable speaking tips I’ve learned from Toastmasters.

• Relax by taking a deep breath off stage before you begin.

• Use the power of the pause. It gives your audience time to process.

• Be prepared. Practice, practice, practice your speech.

• Time yourself. A 5-7 minute speech equals 600-720 written words.

• Speak appropriately for your audience.

• Learn from your evaluators as they offer ways to improve a speech.

• Use body language and gestures.

• Be expressive. Add vocal variety and tonality.

Learn 90 more tips from Toastmasters International.


You can learn to speak and lead better right here at our Venice Area Chamber of Commerce. Venice Toastmasters.

 – Cathy Cotter, Cotter Visual Communications

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