The Coronavirus: Financial Aid for Small Businesses recorded webinar, PDF slide deck, resource files and the answers to the questions asked during the webinar can now be viewed and downloaded here.
Many of you that attended the webinar did not get to have your questions answered due to the limited time we had. We thank you for your patience! Please note that the CARES Act is still being clarified by congress and the changes it calls for are still in motion, particularly with the SBA, States and Banks. SCORE Manasota volunteers are working hard to come up to speed on the CARES Act details and implementation within all these institutions.
While we attempted to answer all your questions, some of you may not find them fully satisfactory. Our chapter is in the process of organizing additional training and mini town hall sessions to address your specific needs.
Also, we encourage you to contact your SCORE mentor if you need more help. If you don’t have one, you can request a SCORE mentor here.
P.S. If you have not done so already, please take 3 minutes to answer our survey. It will help us better address your needs.
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